Samples of Our Work

The website has been designed to utilize data available from different APIs (IMDB, TMDB, Rotten Tomatoes) and normalize the content in a simple movies database with online titles.
With a simple user interface, but a complex backend functionality, has become today's most popular real time satellite tracking web site.
On a higher and higher competitive market, the web sites must employ innovation to stay on top. This is what exactly does, showing live video and audio from meteor echoes.
This is a typical example of a small scale web site powered by Drupal, ordered by a customer to feature a club of amateur radio enthusiasts. is the most popular Romanian ham-radio web site. It is not based on any CMS platform, being coded in PHP, Perl and JavaScript from ground up. The customer needed a web site to plug to various news providers, cache data and present to visitors the latest and most interesting information available on internet.
Innovation, innovation, innovation! is unique in internet providing on a Google Map magnetic decliation information for any point on Earth. provides information provided by registered users about astronomical events. It is based on the Drupal CMS.